Clean Room Assembly

Clean Room AssemblyClean Room Assembly – ISO 14644-1

Three controlled Environments:

  • Class 8 (100,000) Clean Room
  • Humidity Controlled Environment
  • White Room

We offer sub-assembly and finished assembly in a number of controlled environments, catering toward whatever our customers’ needs may be. We serve the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and medical device industries to name a few. We keep a tight relationship with customers in order to maintain an in depth working understanding of their quality control requirements, inventory and lot-control procedures. We offer labeling, sealing, inspection services, re-work, pick and pack, and many more. We can outfit to accommodate all demands such as sterile packaging, assembly, sealing, or kitting. Our goal is to maintain a close partnership with our customers and serve as a seamless extension to their operations.

Clean Room AssemblyClean Room Assembly

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