About Us

What Do We Do?
We are an innovative social business which specializes in providing contract assembly, packaging, and re-work solutions.  We take great pride in providing a time and cost efficient service, without sacrificing quality. Here at Coleman we serve a variety of industries, including automotive parts, biomedical devices, bottling services, corrugated materials and electrical to name a few.  Our facility offers a range of environmental options including traditional warehouse space to white rooms, dry rooms, and ISO certified Class 100,000 clean rooms.  Here we welcome jobs of all sizes, from year round production, to one time runs.  Whatever your requirements we are confident we can provide a cost and time effective assembly, packaging, or rework solution.

Why Choose Coleman?
Here at Coleman we strive to execute innovative, ethical, and socially conscious business practices. We employ a mission statement to not only maximize profit, but also to improve the community that surrounds us. We represent a new kind of business that considers social responsibility to be a part of its profit margin.  We do not pay dividends to shareholders or investors. This allows all cash profits go directly into business expansion and funding the social mission of our parent company, GAAMHA Inc.

In line with our social goals, we strive to employ people who have barriers to employment. This includes the disabled, people in recovery, the long term unemployed, and veterans in our effort to improve our local community and economy. This results in a diverse labor pool that gives us a unique ability to react to unforeseen increases in labor needs in a cost effective manner without compromising quality assurance.  The benefit of this flexible workforce is that we can process both large and small volume orders on short notice and faster than the competition, meeting the needs of a deadline driven industry.

Even more importantly, we look to provide thorough quality control and pride ourselves on delivering a clean, crisp product. We believe and trust in our employees, and emphasize quality, reliability, and integrity, taking great care to make sure this is apparent in our work.

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